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  • How to Store Fruits and Veggies So They Last Longer

    This article was graciously contributed by one of our favorite websites, POPSUGAR Smart Living. Ensure your fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer by storing them properly. After giving produce a quick cleaning, knowing where to keep them mea... more

  • Try This: The $30, 30 Minute, 3 Course Dinner Party

    Ah, the dreaded dinner party. Not that we don’t love our friends (really! we do!) or food (a foregone conclusion). But anyone who has ever invited a bevy of 20- and 30- something’s in for a meal knows that (a) there’s never enough... more

  • 25 Summer Recipes To Try Out Over The Long Weekend

    It is 43892048390 degrees over here at BGG headquarters right now, and as a result we don't (for once!) have much of an appetite. However, we know that as soon as we get out into the fresh air this weekend, our stomachs will begin to growl and ... more

  • 10 Decadent Breakfasts in Bed

    Somehow, we are STILL hungover from the festivities of last weekend -- our recovery time lately has just not quite been what it used to be.  Ergo, we are planning to take it very easy this weekend (read: lie in bed from tonight at 6 p.m. until... more

  • 12 Tips To Shrink Your Bill When Eating Out

    This article was contributed by one of our favorite websites, POPSUGAR Smart Living, and was written by Emily Co. Although staying in to eat is a lot cheaper than going out, foodies can't help but indulge in their favorite restaurants... more

  • Can’t Budget For Organic Produce? Grow Your Own!

    When contemplating our food bills, we're always disturbed by how much cheaper it is to buy, say, ten tacos at Taco Bell than it is to buy a few pieces of fresh, organic produce. We could go on and on about how much this depresses us, but i... more

  • 11 Tips & Tricks To Slash Your Grocery Bill In Half

    There are only so many first dates you can go on so as to lower your grocery bills, right? There's got to be a better way. Especially since most dates are so traumatizing that afterwards, we generally want to curl up inside of a giant tub fille... more

  • 16 Drool-Worthy Recipes For Your Meatless Monday

    It's pretty much common knowledge at this point that we should be cutting back on the percentage of animal products we consume with each meal. This can make dinner seem dull, but we don't think that has to be the case. Today, we've comp... more

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