About Us

What's a Broke Girl?

A Broke Girl is someone who gets her favorite designers at 70% off, shops at thrift stores, knows the best off-the-radar joints in town, eats at the latest hot spots even on a dime, and doesn't need a boy to buy her cocktails.

What's Broke Girl's Guide?

Broke Girl's Guide is a free daily email that exists to make living large and spending small easier for busy Broke Girls everywhere. We know you want to do, buy, and experience the best, so why not let us help you pay less for it? Sign up now!

Why do I need yet another email?

Broke Girl's Guide isn't just another email you'll delete with your morning coffee. The mere minutes you spend with us each day are going to save you time and $$$. Just a few examples...

Each day, we'll send you a curated listing of the best online promo codes and flash sales. How else will you keep track of the gazillion sales happening online and around town every single day?

Not sure what to do this weekend?  We'll plan it for you, and help you figure out what to wear.

Your liver still hurts from whatever you did last night, doesn't it? Well, buck up! We're sending you to all the best happy hours in town. But, we'll also help you get healthy without sacrificing all of the cash you've stashed for more exciting Broke Girl activities.

Think of us as your best girlfriend, the one who always seems to know everything about...everything. If she offered to send you free travel/style/health/dining etc. advice every morning for the rest of your life, you'd take her up on it, right? So sign up now to become a Broke Girl!