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  • Beauty Tips For The Girl-On-The-Go

    By BGG Contributor: Deb Tori It's the eternal paradox of the busy, working woman: We're  constantly faced with the pressure of a schedule brimming with work, school, family affairs, or all of the above, while maintaining a social lif... more

  • 5 Best Madonna Songs Ever

    In honor of Madge's 55th (!!) birthday, we're counting down the princess of pop's five best chart toppers, party starters and generation-defining singles. Be sure to comment and let us know what you're listening to on this most high... more

  • 4 Chic & Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Braid (Video)

    Ah, the braid. From school girl classic to red carpet chic, the braid is a look that gets endlessly reincarnated, which means that the biggest mistake you can make is to let it get boring. Enter: The Broke Girl's Guide to teasing, pinning, an... more

  • DIY Nail Art For The Artistically Challenged

    written by Rachel Segal-Sklar It’s 2013, and you want to polish your nails. You pick out a color you like, and you start to paint. You’re extra careful, making sure to minimize the amount of polish that escapes the confines of your na... more

  • How To Find The Fountain of Youth…In Your Kitchen!

    While we know that how we age has a lot to do with genetics and how well we take care of ourselves from a young age (sunscreen!), we can't accept that we're completely powerless to stop our faces from revealing every bad decision we've ... more

  • 5 Natural Tips For Healthy Summer Locks

    written by Paulina Nelega Summertime sun is fun, but its sizzle can also stress our tresses, causing dry, damaged hair that’s brittle and more prone to breakage. Summer is the time for some serious tress protection. Hot temperatur... more

  • 10 Under $10: Our Favorite Natural Beauty Products

    While a lot of our friends are running out for expensive fillers, injectibles, lasers and so on, we're trying to heal and revitalize our skin the natural way. Not only will this ensure we don't look like a desperate housewife of somewhere i... more

  • 5 Natural Secrets For Youthful, Glowing Skin

    We have long suspected that what we put in our bodies might have even more of an effect on our skin than what we put on our bodies. It’s the sort of revelation that happens when you sheepishly purchase a $95 jar of skin cr... more

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