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  • Let's Haze These Babies

    Let's face it - more often than not the restaurants in our fair city are way over-hyped. It's pretty much ingrained in our culture that we should ruin genuinely good things with red carpet openings and Kardashian endorsements (disclaimer: w... more

  • Night Out: Art. Food. Liquor.

    Sometimes your boyfriend wants to stay in on a Saturday night with a bucket of chicken and a 6-pack of Bud Light, à la our favorite Carrie Bradshaw beau Aiden. Let him.  We've put together the perfect night to ditch your man in fa... more

  • The May Day Cocktail

    Sometimes, our blender just sits there looking sad.  We know, we know... We should be using it every morning to create wildly healthy blends of spinach and kale juice, but that just doesn't happen more than once a year (gene... more

  • Midday Drinking With The French

    We love Monsieur Marcel. Oysters & wine on a sunny SoCal day? French onion soup for those rare chilly ones? Casual, cozy, and so not LA, Monsieur Marcel is our  sad/bad day recovery spot of choice as well as our favorite place to meet the ... more

  • Summer Skip Days: Party On PCH

    Why is summer so much better than any other season, even here in LA where we don't technically have seasons? Waking up on a summer morning with nothing to do but find some fun is like winning the lottery. Here are some ideas on how to spend you... more

  • Summer Cocktail Du Jour

    Here at BGG, we are all about springtime cocktails...er, anytime cocktails really...but we particularly love summery cocktails.  Today we are drooling over a lemon drop sparkling punch that has our names all over it.  This drink is perfec... more

  • Wine of the Week: Opala Vinho Verde

    We think we may have suddenly developed an allergy to white wine. Or, er, we're just getting old. We love the stuff, but these days we end up wanting to quit life the day after just a glass or two, especially if it's the cheap stuff.  ... more

  • Happy Hour: Little Spain

    We Broke Girls LOVE Spain, we're beyond excited to be bridesmaid-ing for a bestie getting married in Barcelona this year, and we can never get enough patatas bravas or tortilla espanolas.  If you don't know what either o... more

  • Summer Cocktails

    Spring is here!  It’s time to celebrate, and there’s no better way to celebrate then, er, a cocktail.  (Noticing a pattern here?)  In our opinion, the ideal summer cocktail is light and a touch fruity, but ... more

  • Healthy Booze (Er, Kinda)

Okay, maybe these margaritas aren’t actually good for you, but at least they are not the horrifying calorie bombs that most margaritas are.  You’ll have saved plenty of room for chips and guac – and more margaritas, na... more

  • Hump Day Happy Hour: Takami

    This week, we are obsessed with the happy hour at Takami Sushi & Robata, a restaurant that is located 21 floors above the Financial District Downtown. Why? Their sushi is yummy and their happy hour specials run from 4:30-7pm Monday through Frid... more

  • Bottomless Mimosas at Taste

    There are certain phrases that inevitably perk up our ears – “open bar,” “buy one get one free,” “eligible bachelor,” “zero calories,” “free coffee”….  Another one, natur... more

  • Happy Hour at Saint Felix

    Just because you’re neither gay nor a man doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a happy hour in Boys’ Town every now and then.   Exhibit A: Saint Felix, a casual lounge on Santa Monica Blvd just west of San Vicente.  I... more

  • EXCLUSIVE: Discounted Designers & Free Booze

    We like drinking, we like shopping and, whenever possible, we like doing both at the same time -- preferably with other tipsy shoppers so we don’t feel as bad about ourselves in the morning. 

Where could such consumptive bliss ... more

  • Hump Day Happy Hour: Downtown

    You're a lawyer, which means we hate you because you make 483902489308 times what we make.  But, it also means you hate you because you don't even have time to spend the money you make, and because no one ever told you that blogging fr... more

  • East Side Wino

    A boy recently took us to Bar Covell, which was a great date spot but (we think) an even greater setting for a girls night out.  At this cozy, New York-esque wine bar, you don't have to bother with the whole staring-at-wine-list-like-you-a... more

  • Where Are The Best Boozy Brunches In Your Neighborhood?

    You know when you go to the doctor, and you have to check a box for the number of cocktails you consumer per week? We advise you to count anything consumed at a bottomless brunch as one drink rather than the (insert number you can’t remember)... more

  • For Sports Fans (and the Fakers)

    They say that it takes a village to raise a child.  Sometimes, the same is true for writing an article about sports bars. Many kind souls contributed suggestions for the compiled list below – a guide to everything you ever wanted to know... more

  • When It's Your Turn To Treat

    Every so often, you have to suck it up and pay for your man to eat. Er, let's face it.  It's 2011 and most of us make more than our men and thus these types of nights occur more than just 'every so often.'  Accordingly, we... more

  • Stout Burgers & Beer

    As we were driving around Hollywood the other night looking for a place to grab a bite before a show, we spotted a distinctly New York pub-looking establishment called Stout that practically screamed for us to come in (and sit out, as it's got ... more

  • Buy Your Own Bottle Service

    Some girls looking for a deal on bottle service choose to hitch up their skirts and turn on the charm.  We think flirting with old guys for drinks is nauseating, so we choose to front our own tab on those rare nights we need to ... more

  • Sunday Supper at Dominick's

    For those who choose not to partake in the alcohol-fueled buffoonery of Sunday Funday at a local divebar, cheering for your favorite team whilst the beer-guzzling guy in the grimy, oversized linebacker jersey keeps eyeing your nachos from the table... more

  • BGG Weekender

    At long last, our beloved weekend has arrived. But, what to do with it while it lasts? Since every moment of our star-crossed romance with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is precious, we’ve put together a weekend itinerary that’ll keep us ... more

  • Father's Day Out

    Father's Day is right around the corner, and being a busy Broke Girl this summer (those marathon Bloody Mary brunches and beach afternoons really are a time suck), it's possible you've neglected to plan anything. Being procrastination-p... more

  • BGG Weekender

    June Gloom is the punishment we Angelenos must suffer for the 80-degree days we enjoyed back in February. You know, the ones you posted about on Facebook, thus prompting hundreds of friends who live elsewhere in the country to consider deleting you... more

  • BGG Weekender

    This is the time of year when people you know start vacationing in faraway places with exotic names you can't pronounce.  To make matters worse, you’re usually stuck reading their exuberant online updates from you... more

  • Best of the Broke: June

    Can you believe it's been nearly a month since you received your first Broke Girl's Guide email? We hope we helped beat the June Gloom (and the more permanent cubicle gloom) by enlightening you as to your options for living large and spendi... more

  • Food Network Star Brooke Peterson's Quick & Dirty Fourth of July BBQ Recipes

    Apologies to the people who pay our salaries, but we quit working at least a day ago and are already mentally enjoying the upcoming three-day holiday weekend. We figure you're likely doing the same, so we enlisted Brooke Peterson of Food N... more

  • BGG Weekender

    The most wonderful thing about the 4th of July Holiday (besides, you know, U-S-A, U-S-A!) is that it's the one day of the year on which nothing is expected of you beyond eating, drinking and staring at shiny objects as they explode in the sky. ... more

  • $4 Cocktails with BGG + DrinksLA

    Let's be honest. There are only so many weeknights you can spend tagging along with some friend or another to Soho House, trying to get enough pleasure out of the one (admittedly amazing) Moscow Mule you can afford given that parking alone cost... more