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Small Biz Saturday—Exclusive Discounts To Our Local Favs

We have some ingenious advice to give you in regard to Black Friday -- if you are completely insane and enjoy things like traffic, cashier lines, and crazed bargain-hunters fueled on grande pumpkin spice lattes, go to just about any store you like this Friday and enjoy some level of discount.  

The rest of you who are not batsh*t crazy should stay home Friday and instead venture out on Small Business Saturday. Yes, we know, all of these silly names are getting on our nerves too, but as small business owners, we can at least get behind this concept.  Small Business Saturday is meant to encourage you to ditch Best Buy and the like for at least one day and instead pay a visit to your favorite small, locally-owned shop.  To help you out in this endeavor, we asked some of our local business-owning friends to offer you an exclusive discount on Saturday with proof of this email: 

A sweeT. -- Get 10% off with this email, and 10% more if you bring in a toy for Toys for Tots (total of 20%).  Clothes & candy -- what better combination is there? Also great for gifs. 

Em & Co. Boutique -- 20% off.  You already know how we feel about this place, and now they have vintage, too.

Fred Segal Yoga -- Take a class for free with proof of this email.  You are going to need the exercise after your sixth helping of mashed potatoes on Thursday.

Live! On Sunset -- 10% off -- not to be combined with any other offers for Saturday.  We swoon for the stuff at Live!  Pick up some gifts from the apothecary as well. 

Moore Dancing -- 15% off any class on Saturday with this email.  Again, you need the exercise, and these classes are a fun way to take off the turkey. 

Oscar's Cerveteca -- 10% off.  Since you've gone ahead and stretched out your stomach, you might as well fill it with all kinds of amazingness like Chipotle Beer Shrimp and Fried Pickles. 

Primitivo -- 20% off.  Another Venice spot we love.  Do one for lunch, and one for dinner.  Win/Win. Nothing like sangria on a Saturday...

Switch Boutique -- 20% off.  Nothing says you have to shop solely for other people -- it's not December yet.  Perfect opportunity to pick up something special for the holiday party circuit.

Venice Beach Wines -- 10% off.  If you live in Venice, this is already a favorite. If not, take this opportunity to introduce yourself to our home away from home.  It's also next door to Oscar's. 

For more small businesses to support in your neighborhood on Saturday, go here.  

* All offers good for Saturday, 11/26 only, with proof of this email. 

Nov 22, 2011 - 08:03 AM

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