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LA’s Best Underground Eats from Food Editor Kat Odell

Though known for its swanky dining hotspots and celebrity hangouts, LA has an abundance of less heralded, hole-in-the-wall eateries that have never been affiliated with SBE.  While such places have the obvious advantage of lessening the burden on your dining budget, in truth some of these unassuming kitchens offer fare that can surpass the quality and ingenuity of their pricier, as-seen-on-Entourage counterparts.

Practically no better guide to these underground eats exists in LA than Kat Odell, Editor-In-Chief of Eater LA (a.k.a., The Bible), Food Editor for LA Canvas, and the blogger behind Cork and Rind.  Today, she’s offered to share some of the juiciest foodie finds she's discovered while eating her way through LA (and yet somehow remaining seriously svelte -- a secret we unfortunately will not be uncovering here).  

Dumplings, Noodles & Ramen
KO:  I’m obsessed with dumplings, and so I’m naturally obsessed with San Gabriel valley, which has one of the largest Chinese populations in the country. There’s a mom-and-pop spot called Dean Sin World, which I love. They have a glass partition so you can watch as the dumplings are made.  For knife-cut noodles, I like JTYH, where you can even get tofu noodles and seaweed noodles.  For ramen, I like Ramen California in Torrance. The chef uses fresh, seasonal ingredients for a unique (and healthy!) ramen experience.

Sushi & Seafood
: I only eat at a few sushi places in town, and just one of them is BGG-friendly. Sugarfish is hands down the best bang for your buck in terms of fresh, good quality sushi. Their omakase is $35.  Poke-Poke on the Venice boardwalk has fresh and cheap raw fish.

Middle Eastern
KO: Carousel is my favorite for Lebanese.  Beverly Falafel near the Beverly Center is also one of my go-to’s.

KO: Alejo’s does great family-style Italian. Also, Osteria la Buca just got a new chef, and the revamped menu is really good. 

Look out for more underground eats from Kat Odell to come!

Photo by Elizabeth Daniels Photography

Jul 20, 2011 - 09:06 AM

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