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Gift Guide: Your Lesser - er - Better Half

1. CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS (Xbox game) - $54.96. Because you know he wants it, and you are a good girlfriend.  Plus, think of all the extra spare time you’ll have once he becomes addicted.

2. Xbox Kinect - Remote controls are for sissies. Plus, you can stop blaming the "remote elves" for hiding them under your sofa cushions.

3. Apple TV - $99. For HD movie and TV show rentals, Netflix and YouTube streaming, iTunes music and photos from your computer… aka, every guy’s dream come true.

4. Splitterbot Headphone Sharing Robot - $7.99.  So the two of you can listen to beautiful music together, obviously.

5. John Varvatos Passport Case - $87.  Sleek, stylish, and sexy – the antithesis of a fanny pack.

6. Skippy Dies by Paul Murray - $16.63. A hilarious, haunting, and heartbreaking tragicomedy that takes place in contemporary Dublin at an all-boys Catholic prep school where teachers “vacillate between fear and apathy when faced with rooms full of texting, hyper-tense, hormone-fueled boys.”  Any book buff will love it.

7. Subscription to OAKAZINE magazine - $15.  If he doesn’t read this art/culture/design magazine, he should.

8. The Kindle - $139.  It's like an iPad, but without all of the fun stuff. Shut up, you could learn a thing or two from books, dummy.

9. Dirty Spanish Words book - $8.  Why not make a new year's resolution to learn a new f*cking language?

10. John Varvatos / Chuck Taylor Painted Flag High Top - $125.  Somehow even better than the original Chucks.

11. Say I love you 80s-style, with a playlist (free ninenty-nine) put onto this cute faux-mixtape memory stick - $24.80.  For an extra old-school touch.

12. Apple Gift Cards - Nothing says "I'm too cheap to buy you an iPad, but in case someone else does, now you can go and get some apps" quite like this one.

14. Band of Outsider Ties - $135 each.  Great for the office, great for going out, great for being tied to a bed.

15. Crystal Head Vodka - $41.09.  It's vodka. In a skull. What aspect of this product is not getting through to you??

16. Moxy Creative Posters - $30 - Super cool, super minimalist movie posters from your favorite flicks. Bonus - you can tell your bestie you "read about it in GQ." People LOVE when you tell them that, you smug prick!

17. INCEPTION Blu-ray - $29.99. For the guy who hates it when you get him a creative gift he has no use for.

18. Monocle subscription - $60. Because some of us have an unhealthy obsession with this magazine, and its Editor In Chief (look him up).

19. Winebreather Decanter - $70.  Whenever you can make domestic gifts look like gadgets, it's a good thing.

20. Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain - $15.87 – This man has a life your man's always wanted but could never come close to living.  Indulge the fantasy.

21. Sam Adams American Originals -  $12.99 – Variety is the spice of drunk.

22. Juice to Alcohol Kit - $9.99.  In the hopes that this will cut back on his liquor expenses, leaving more money for him to spend on you.

23. Leather wallet by J Crew - $39.50 – a simple, timeless classic.

Feb 08, 2011 - 12:08 PM

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