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Gift Guide: We Know What Boys Like

Even though we do own a calendar (it's here somewhere, promise), it always seems that Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and boyfriend's birthdays just pop up out of nowhere.  And, as always, we are slaves to the materialistic tradition of proving our love by spending money on a gift.  But we always wonder -- how do people find it in themselves to make time to spend hours scouring stores?  Is it this thing they call “love”…?  Well, we’re big fans of this thing they call the internet, where you can purchase the perfect gift with a simple click of the finger.  See below for our favorite picks for guys:

1.  For a fancy, wireless speaker, may we recommend the much-coveted Jawbone Jambox speakers. $200.

2.  Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswalt:  this book is f-ing funny.  If there’s a nerdy bone in his body – or if he just has a sense of humor – your guy will love this hilarious collection of essays.  $14.04.

3.  You know he’ll never quit smoking, but at least he can look hot doing it with one of these sleek, minimal lighters.  $32.

4.  Does he wear the same outfits that his mom bought him in high school?  Give him a helping hand by buying him a fashion-forward cardigan. $28.

5.  This Casio watch has a classic, old-school appeal to it, sort of like what a hot professor would wear. It’s perfect for that sexy intellectual you know and love. $40. 

6.  Every guy feels 30% cooler when he’s wearing aviators.  Be a doll and give yours a nice ego boost, for just $14. 

7.  Suede oxfords are the perfect shoe – they’re casual enough to wear with jeans, but a step up from sneakers.  They’re fashionable, but they don’t scream trying-too-hard.  Every guy we know we has a pair is a bit obsessed with them. $68.

8.  These super-portable, tiny speakers deliver minimum size, maximum sound. Perfect for music lovers and/or frequent travelers.  $49.90.

9.  The “Ice Cube Frame” from the MoMA store is a stylish, modern photograph frame that you can fill with three of your best photos. Perfect for the couple that is so good-looking, it’d be impossible to choose just one.  (We’re right there with you.) $16.50.


Feb 09, 2011 - 06:20 PM

gift ideas, Valentines Day