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Gift Guide for People You Are Genetically Obliged to Buy For


1."">DIY Hot Cocoa Mix. Incredibly easy to put together, and so perfect for wintertime. Plus, your grandma will be genuinely touched that you made it yourself… Finally – someone who won’t accuse your DIY gifts of being cheap!


2."">Fresh Flower Papers by Itunube - 8.50 euros. An easy way to shower your grandma with flowers throughout the year, because she deserves it...perfect for the grandma who has trouble remembering what day it is, because these might take a while to be delivered from Italy...


3."">Portable Sewing Machine - $24. Perhaps she can fix some hemlines for you, while she’s at it!


4."">Garden Maker from Branch - $28. Another way to surround a beautiful Grandma with beautiful flowers, all year long.




5."">Fake Grass Drying Rack - $19.99. So Mom can pretend she’s frolicking in the fields instead of doing dishes.


6. A subscription to New Beauty’s quarterly magazine - $29.95. For the mom who’s not afraid of a little nip-tuck.


7."">Lovebirds Tea Towel - $20. A precious design on a towel made from 100% organic cotton.


8. Just about anything from"">John Derian Company. We particularly love the cute organic-cotton tote bags ($35; click on the “goods” link)...


9. ...and the vintage wrapping paper ($4-6 per sheet; click on the “ephemera” link), which is really lovely.




10."">Glam Girl Python Messenger Bag - $34.50. Because your sister DESTROYS her purses, and this one is cute yet so inexpensive that it’s practically disposable.


11."">Amala Lavender Concentrate - $20. Boys/school/stress keeping her up at all hours? This calming lavender concentrate will have her sleeping by midnight.


12."">Sheep’s Milk Soap -  $6. Almond and shea butter combine with sheep’s milk in soap that will beautify both her skin and her bathroom.


13."">Beaded Cat Coin Purse - $10. Adorable, useful, and only $10.


14."">Justin Bieber - My World - $8. If your sister is under the age of fourteen, just roll your eyes and buy it. She’ll be ecstatic.


15."">Panda Beanie with Ears by Charlotte Russe - $9.50. Awww...




16."">Ice Shot Glasses - $7.99. Because he’s in college, and blah blah blah…


17."">How To Beat Up Anybodby Judah Friedlander - $10.79. I don’t know your brother, but I know this: he would love this book. Topics include how to beat up gangs, dinosaurs, ninjas, and gangs of ninjas riding on dinosaurs!


18."">Credit Card Light Bulb - $4.99. For the former boyscout who always wants to be prepared, a flat lightbulb that fits in his wallet.


19."">Wooden Bottle Opener - $20. He can show off his sense of design while getting drunk. And as a bonus, this stylish bottle opener has a magnet that will catch the bottle cap once it’s been removed – so suave, just like your brother.




20."">Pet’s Eye View Camera - $50. If your dad is obsessed with his dog, he will be obsessed with this gift… It’s a digital camera that snaps onto pet collars and chronicles their day. Finally, find out what Spike does all day.


21."">Monogrammed Steak Brand - $39.99. Be a good daughter and let him live out his cowboy fantasies.


22."">The Lost Rolling Stones Photographs - $19.79. Any father who was alive in the 60s will think this book is groovy, far out, and totally bitchin’.


23."">Luggage Scale - $7.99. The perfect gift for Mr. Practical.




24."">Whiskey Stones - $19.99. He’s a grandpa – of course he drinks whiskey! And I’m sure nothing gets his goat more than ice watering down his drink, so be a doll and solve that problem for him. (Then wait two minutes for him to find something new to complain about.)


25."">Tempurpedic Slippers - $49.95. Bunions, corns, arthritis – be damned.


26."">Head Massager - $3.99. Because there’s no way he would go to one of those sissy massage parlors, but he would certainly appreciate the results.


27."">Bionic Golf Glove - $24.95. He has a lot of spare time, so he probably plays golf.




28."">Rocky Mountain Chocolate Tower - $20. You can never go wrong gifting children (and everyone else, other than your anorexic aunt) with a crapload of candy. It is a thing of beauty.


29."">Box of Jokes - $20. Plastic puke, fake dog poo, a bloody “finger” and MORE – what’s not to love? Just make sure to buy this for children who do not live in the same house as you.


30."">Electronic Guitar Shirt - $29.99. For a young wannabe musician, this electric guitar shirt that you can “play” is too cute!


31. For baby boys:"">Fat Tie Shirt - $37. Any stylish gentleman under the age of two would be delighted to don one of these dapper ensembles.


32. For baby girls:"">Baby Gund Plush Bunny Jacket - $18.88 [not pictured]. An outfit so adorable that it will help Mom and Dad forget that she’s been screaming and pooping since the day she was born.


Jan 25, 2011 - 02:10 PM