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Get Your Man Drunk

Sometimes we like men, and sometimes we want to show them how much we like them by giving them something.

Ergo, we asked our friends at DrinksLA what boys like, and now we know: whiskey. It makes a man feel like a man. It’s what his grandfather used to drink. And most importantly, it’s what he wants for Valentines Day.

But wait, you don’t know the first thing about which whiskeys are great, which are horrible, and which are worth the price?? Take a deep breath, head to your local BevMo, and refer to the whiskey cheat sheet that DrinksLA has so generously provided below:

Eagle Rare – Great bang for your buck at just $30. It has received all sorts of awards, so you can tell your man that it’s a winner just like him.

Buffalo Trace – For just $43, Buffalo Trace boasts “elegant aromas of buttery caramel, toasted nuts, and brown spices…[and] honeyed toasted cornbread.” Is it weird that the description of a bourbon has us craving Southern cooking…?

Four Roses – This bourbon is a great deal at $20, or you can splurge on its fancier cousin (the Four Roses Small Batch) for $38.

Elijah Craig 12-Year – This $25 bourbon demonstrates “the subtle complexity of bourbons twice its price.” So basically, you’re spending the equivalent of $50 – it’s like a little alcoholic Groupon all in itself.

If BevMo is not your style and you like it when whiskeys play hard-to-get, try Jefferson’s, another excellent whiskey that is a little rare in LA. But decent guys can also be a little rare here, so if you’ve found one, he’s probably well worth the extra effort.

Feb 04, 2011 - 03:46 PM

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