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Get Smart for Free

Ah, college…that time when Mom returned your phone calls begging for money…when you were not yet cynical enough to disdain parties with themes like pimps and ho's" or "ghetto fabulous"…and most importantly, when you actually used your brain, instead of letting the mundane, mindless tasks you perform from nine to five every day melt away your remaining brain cells.

Revive those brain cells without college loans by taking courses online from MIT or Oxford for free. You can pursue subjects like architecture, anthropology, economics, and literature, without being distracted by the hot guy sitting in the third row. You might be just as hungover while taking these courses as you were in college, but hopefully from something a little classier than jungle punch at Kappa Sig's "pirates and wenches" foam party.



Feb 14, 2011 - 11:17 AM

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