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Free Dance Classes, Sans Humiliation

We were dancers our whole young lives, taking hours upon hours of serious instruction from serious teachers. So, when we one day in our adult lives thought it would be fun to get back into dancing, we decided ‘the school where Britney Spears takes classes’ was a good choice in terms of where to start.

As it turns out, __ year-old us doesn’t move quite the same way 14-year-old us did. After 60 minutes of sheer humiliation, we ran out of the above-mentioned studio and decided we may never dance again (and, that we should probably throw ourselves in front of a bus). Then, a kind friend, noting our distress, pointed us in the direction of the Moore Dancing Cardio Dance Studio in Brentwood. While they offer classes at varying levels, we found the general vibe of the studio to be much more to our liking. Some students dancing alongside us had never taken a class before. Some were lifelong dancers. Some were young, some were old(er!).  Rather than shame, we felt...happy. The classes were 

We want to share this morale-boosting experience with you. This weekend, the studio is offering free classes.  They are also offering packages at a 15-20% discount, with an extra 10% off if you mention ‘Broke Girls Guide’ when purchasing.   Here’s the schedule -- all of the classes are good, but we are particularly partial to Hip Hop with Jerry. Hope to see you there! 

This weekend’s schedule of free classes: 


8 a.m. - Get Up N Groove w/ O'dell
9 a.m. - Cardio Dance Blast w/ Tiffany
10 a.m. - Zumba w/ Deirdra
11a.m. - Hip Hop w/ Lisa
12 p.m. - Zumba w/ Nadine (New Class!!!)

9 a.m. - Zumba Toning w/ Deirdra (bring 1-2 lb weights)
10 a.m.  - Zumba w/ Deirdra
11 a.m. - Hip Hop w/ Jerry
12 p.m. - Family Fun w/ Jerry

Sep 09, 2011 - 08:37 AM

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