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So, I had this whole plan to maximize my time in NYC by flying
Virgin America during biz hours so I could work while traveling.  Not
so brilliant given the speed of the internet and now I have
438920483094 things left undone and it's time to meet up with peeps I
never see already!  Sigh.  Life = so hard wink


There will definitely be more posting tomorrow, but in the meantime let me leave you with this gorgeous scarf
I desperately want but could never in a million years justify.  It's
$600!  SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for a scarf.  My mom would faint.  Anyway,
it's lovely and I need it and so I'm determined to find a more
reasonable version somewhere.  Stay tuned.  

My apologies for the crickets today.  Working like crazy...doesn't
it sometimes feel like the whole world is on your shoulders?  And that
you're running, running, running and still falling short?  Today (this
week) is one of those days (weeks).  However, first thing this morning
I got an email from a friend complimenting me on something I wrote, and
it really turned my mood around.  Just a tiny, genuine thought from her
to me and I felt a million times better.  So, it got me thinking.  From
day-to-day, so much in my life is about me!  My stress, my failures, my
successes...(my poverty!) etc.  So, for the month of December...I've
decided not only to not spend money on myself (an entire month without
treats?!  How will I survive?) but to also send out an email once a day
just like the one I received this morning.  Shouldn't be hard to
compliment the people I love - after all, I wouldn't love them if they
weren't amazing wink  Simple gesture...big return if I can improve a
friend's bad/hard/discouraging/stressful day.  Anyone want to try it
with me?  


And just so we're clear.  January 1
will mark a return to my self-centered, all-about-me ways.  And,
hopefully, a fabulous vacation bought by me for me in celebration of
me.  Because sometimes we DO deserve it. 


I'm also thinking December might be a good month to spend a little time here.  


Mar 14, 2010 - 02:15 AM