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Camp Like It’s 1994

Unimpressed by the idea of another staycation with Haagen-Dazs this weekend?  If you haven’t gone camping since Girl Scouts in third grade, it might be time for you to reconnect with nature while enjoying a very cost-effective vacation… and no, a $25 spa voucher at Canyon Ranch does not a cost-effective vacation make.

Check out  this website for a helpful starting list of the best places to go camping, like Joshua Tree and Big Bear.  It’s amazing how getting out of the city for a couple days makes you feel like you’ve been gone for weeks, and how rejuvenating it is to go hiking and to breathe in fresh air, sans smog?  You can find cheap tents on craigslist, though you probably have friends who would be happy to lend you theirs (just make sure to wipe off all the dust and cobwebs). 

May I suggest bringing smores-flavored Luna Bars instead of attempting the real thing with an open flame?  Smokey the Bear will thank you.

Jan 24, 2011 - 03:41 PM