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Your Weekend To-Do List: Shop Your Heart Out & DIY Gifts Everyone Will Love You For

Here’s a little basic physics we picked up: for every gleeful two-day workweek, there is an equal and opposite five-day week immediately after. Makes sense, right? And while it’s true that most of our emails were auto-responded to for a few days even once last week's holiday had ended, and that a percentage of the office didn’t actually return to work (mentally, at least) until Wednesday, we’re still just as ready for this weekend to start so we can get back to some end-of-the-year merry-making.

So, grab your friends, grab some crafting supplies, and maybe grab a drink or two—we’re making the most of the few free days that lie ahead!

Keep reading for Cherry Slice cocktails, peppermint goblets, & to-die-for holiday party attire...

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Nov 30, 2012 - 09:46 AM

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