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Our Favorite Places to Watch Men, Er, Sports

We grew up in Texas, where life really is like Friday Night Lights -- there was even a room in our childhood home bedecked with Dallas Cowboys wallpaper.  You would think that this lifestyle would have turned us into major football fanatics, but we have to admit that we’re more into the event than the game itself.  We love the whole beer-and-wings at a sports bar thing, not least of all because sports bars are some of the best places in town to hunt for menfolk. As football season is in full swing at last, here is a shortlist of our favorite sports bars in LA: 

1. Goal -- We’ll grant that proximity to A-list celebrities is not necessary for the enjoyment of a good game of football. However, being able to watch the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Chace Crawford between plays certainly doesn’t hurt anything, does it? Gentleman of this ilk often frequent Goal, though with them come the inevitable Hollywood douchebags you might hope to avoid - for once - on game day.  On Saturday, happy hour runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Shock Tops are $5 during Monday Night Football. You need to call ahead to reserve a table, but don’t worry -- while this place may be straight Hollywood, there’s no bottle service required.  

2. The Parlour -- If you need a 360 degree view of your football game of choice, this is your spot -- there are enough TVs at The Parlour to make your head spin. This is a good place to come with a big group, and it’s especially fun during marquee games. However, it can get quite crowded and, for the biggest events of the season, you may need to know someone to get in.  

3. City Tavern -- Here’s where things get really fancy (and dangerous). You don’t even have to bother to flag down a waitress to refill your beer at this Century City establishment, as taps are built right into your tabletop. The beers rotate, but you’ll always find three varieties -- light, medium, and dark. The table keeps tabs on your tap, hence why this could be dangerous -- ordering beer after beer can start to feel excessive whereas here you can quietly refill without anyone (but your credit card statement) being the wiser. 

4. South -- If you’re Southern in origin, this is the sports bar you should call home as it’s specifically catered to our kind (and yes, Texas counts!). If you’re not from the south, you may still want to post up for a game or two, if for no other reason than to try the chicken & waffle sliders. Fellow Southerners should know that it’s BYOG (Bring-Your-Own-Gravy). 

5. Barney's Beanery in SaMo -- Nothing against the original WeHo location, but the Barney's on 3rd Street is just a far superior place to watch your hometown team kick butt. There are tons of screens, an endless menu, and you can walk (wobble) over to somewhere like Bar Chloe, The Misfit, or, er, Hooters afterward or do some drunken shopping on the promenade (we recommend Forver21 -- it's the 2nd best F21 in LA). 

6. Rush Street -- If you’re looking for game-time deals, this is your place. From bottomless brunches served Saturday and Sunday to happy hours catered to the fall football schedule, the people at Rush Street have made no secret of the fact that they have a preference for pigskin.  Plus, if you tire of football or feel the need to burn off that last batch of chicken wings, there’s a stripper pole upstairs. Can’t say we never taught you anything...

Oct 04, 2011 - 01:15 PM

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