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Free Yoga on the Malibu Pier

After a week like the one we've had, nothing sounds better to have on the agenda this weekend than free yoga on the beach in Malibu. (We're lying.  Getting smashed and sleeping in until noon sounds loads better, but anyway.)  Through September 4th, KIISFM will be hosting free 8:30am yoga sessions on the Malibu Pier with instructor Lori Reicher.  The event is BYO yoga mat and you need an ID that says you're over 18 to be admitted (if you're under 18, quit reading this blog before it turns you into a broke drunk with a crappy studio apartment brimming with clothes and shoes you can't afford).   Breakfast follows (though I'm assuming not for free) at Beachcomber Cafe, which is not really BGG-friendly so you may want to skip it. 

Location:  Malibu Pier

Mar 17, 2011 - 02:32 PM

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