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The Five Most Memorable Ways to Get Tipsy in College

This article was graciously contributed by our friends at Party Earth

Fall semester is almost over, which means you’re deep into finals, pulling some miserable all nighters, sleeping in a couple of libraries and praying for that elusive 4.0 you haven’t achieved since high school. But once that last paper is written and that last test has been taken, you can free up some mind-space and start brainstorming creative ways to consume an obscene amount of alcohol in celebration of your upcoming vacation. In case you were struggling for ideas, we at Party Earth compiled a few great ways for you to get sloshed, but if you want them to be memorable, you might need to bring a camera…

1. Around the World 

Because we’re a global company with everything from bars in Chicago to clubs in London, we thought it was only appropriate to include the most culturally informative and gradual way of boozing: Around the World is best played in a dormitory or some kind of building with several rooms. Dedicate each room to a different country, culture, or tradition. As you pass through each room (in some kind of ridiculous costume of course), take a shot of that particular country’s signature booze: Jägermeister in Germany, Tequila in Mexico, Svedka in Sweden…you get the picture. 

2. Drinking Olympics 

The Olympics might be over, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop celebrating. Organize your group of friends into three different teams to participate in a mini tournament of drinking games. We suggest all the classics like Beer Pong and Flip Cup as well as a few rounds of a more challenging match of Battleship Shots (playing the board game “Battle Ship,” but you have to take a shot after each ship is sunk) or Fuzzy Duck (stand in a circle and try to say the phrase “fuzzy duck”; each time someone messes up they must take a shot). 

3. NCAA Tailgate 

The sun is pounding down on your campus and your decorative face paint is starting to smear; drunk parents, sorority girls, and frat boys surround you, openly displaying disdain for the opposing team – it must be college game day. Grab a beer from a stranger’s ice chest and go to town. When else is it okay to get tipsy in the company of your Calculus professor? After all, you’re just trying to support your alma mater; do it for the team! 

4. Frat Party 

You don’t need to hit up the bars in NYC or clubs in Los Angeles to have a truly wild night – that’s what a good frat party is made for. Even if you aren’t a member of your school’s Greek system, everyone should have at least one “Animal House” experience during their undergraduate years. The distinct smell of beer, sweat, and weeks of leftover half-eaten dinners fill the cramped halls of these havens of wild behavior. Observe as belligerent frat boys challenge one another to keg stands and girls volunteer to be the bod for a round of body shots. There are really no rules (or standards) at fraternities so if you can dream it, do it. 

5. Finals Finalé

You studied your brains out. Okay, you tried to study your brains out. Celebrate the end of finals with your school’s undie run (legions of hammered co-eds running though the streets in their underwear), fountain scream (an opportunity to scream your lungs out at midnight before the last day of finals) or other similarly absurd traditions. It gets a little less socially acceptable to drunkenly run down the street in your underwear after college, so take full advantage while you can. 

Dec 03, 2012 - 12:03 PM