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Street Style with College Fashionista

We love the runways and all, but we've long been obsessed with their pedestrian counterpart -- the sidewalk. Street style is one of our favorite things to pour over endlessly, and the College Fashionista street style blog is one of our favorite go-to's for trendspotting.  Once a month, College Fashionista will be bringing us their favorite street style snaps from local schools. Today's is from the University of California, Irvine: 

I’ve always had my doubts about whoever said wearing white after Labor Day was a serious fashion offense. Why would it be a bad thing? Just recently, I read a tweet from Rachel Zoe saying it wasn't a bad thing and to ignore the rule. Hey, if the person who turned Nicole Richie from nada to Prada (horrible reverse movie title reference) says it’s OK in her book, why wouldn’t it be in mine? This week’s Fashionista wears classic white pants after Labor Day in a cool and hip way.

Name: Yareli Arroyo
Major: Film and Media Studies
Year: Sophomore
CollegeFashionista: Who’s your style icon?
Yareli Arroyo: Kim Kardashian. I love her because even though she’s curvy and a sex symbol, she manages to always look glamorous and classy, not trashy or tacky like some other curvy celebrities.

CF: If you had the money, what purse would you splurge on?
YA: I love Miu Miu — and I love all the bags — but if I had to pick one right now, it would be the oversized clutch. I just love it!

How To: In my opinion, telling you what to wear with white pants would be like telling you what to wear with denim jeans — the possibilities are infinite! Sleek skinny white jeans never fail, whether as a formal or a casual look. When wearing white, I try to avoid black. It makes me feel very mod or Beetlejuice-ish. Also, snake-printed purses are among the many classics that every girl should have in her closet.
written by Alexis Hoyodan
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Sep 16, 2011 - 08:33 AM

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