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BGG Weekly Playlist: Screw Cancer, Light a Tree, & Party in Venice

Now that we’ve cleared the first two hurdles in holiday season mayhem (that would be Thursday’s food coma and Friday’s shopping frenzy), we’re settling in to a month full of rum cocktails, sparkling trees, and dark, cozy bars (with cocktails to match). ‘Tis the season to send yourself on a month-long mental vacation and seize every opportunity to indulge yourself in festivities of any

So, if you’d normally stay in on, say, a Monday night, these next few weeks ought to be the exception. Don’t often drink before noon on a workday? You do now! We kid. And we digress. All we’re saying is that for these next four weeks, work should be lower on your priority list than normal, which means that you should be paying extra special attention to what we’ve got planned for your weeknights. Starting now.

Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to live this week to the fullest...

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Nov 26, 2012 - 09:22 AM

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