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2 Days, 1 City, $100: London

It’s not every day that a broke girl gets to hop on a plane and jet off to foreign lands. That said, there are always flight and hotel deals to be found, so if you manage to grab a good rate, all you’ll have to worry about is making your money stretch once you land. This is where our new series, “2 days, 1 city, $100,” comes in—we’re hooking up with Broke Girls from all over the globe to show you how to live the highlife internationally, regardless of unfavorable exchange rates and tight budgets. Our first article comes to us via Honey Simmonds, an East London “it” girl who’s the first person we’d call upon landing in the UK.  

Having recently blown a fortune at the mothership of all festivals—Dimensions in Croatia (cue the violins)—I can assure you that I am as flat-out broke as you travelers might feel if and when you make it over to this side of the pond. Frugality is key! So, come with me as I guide you to the best spots in town; I'll make sure you have the maximum amount of fun while spending the minimum amount of moolah.

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Oct 31, 2012 - 09:40 AM