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DIY Gel Manicures with Mr. Kate

If you aren't already obsessed with blogger and jewelry designer Mr. Kate, you are extremely late to the party -- unfamiliarity with the adorable pixie is a sure sign you're over-worked and under-blogged as she's become quite ubiquitous as of late.  Today, we've enlisted her help in saving you those hard-earned dollars by instructing you on how to do your own gel manicures at home.  Warning: adorable video to follow: 

Hi, my name is Kate, but call me Mr. Kate! I have a lifestyle blog over on where I do tons of DIY, styling, home decorating, and recipes. I also design jewelry and have a line called Mr. Kate, which you can browse here.  Today, I'll be sharing my Broke Girl's Guide to DIY gel manicures -- I'm so excited to be doing a post for BGG! 

Gel manicures are all the rage these days because they stay put for two weeks and dry in mere seconds under the LED light. I can vouch for them because even with all my hot-gluing and jewelry-making, my gel manis never chip! However, they run around 45 bucks a pop at salons, so if you're doing them every two weeks, that can add up. Luckily, there is always a DIY solution to everything, and gel manicures are so fun and budget-friendly to do at home!

This video tutorial gives you a full demo on how to do a basic gel manicure. I definitely think the SensatioNail Kit (shop them at Wal-Mart or CVS) is the best one to get because it comes with everything you need to try your first gel manicure. Plus, at $49, it's the cost of one gel manicure, but you'll have enough supplies for many, and the LED light lasts for life! If you're into more complex nail art, check out this supplies list I put together, and below are some examples of my very own, DIY nail art:

Color palette nails. I made every one different but stuck to a single palette. 

Diagonal rainbow glitter nails. I used loose glitter to get this look.

Neon color palette nails. Notice how long my nails are here -- the gel prevents your nails from breaking!

Silver glitter tips with a little 3D rhinestone.

As you can see, there are so many options. I'm officially addicted to my DIY gel manicures!


- mr. kate

Mr. Kate's DIY Gel Manicure Tutorial 

Oct 16, 2012 - 05:32 AM