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11 Gifts to Impress Your Snobbiest Design-Savvy Friend

How many times have you been in this situation? Your holiday shopping is more or less finished: you’re under budget, you’re feeling merry, and then you remember. There’s that one friend—the one who knows her Bertoia from her Breuer and whose apartment has got the good looks and the price tag to match—and you still don’t have a gift for her. Your reasons to panic are valid: the things she likes are expensive, and the idea of trying to live up to her impeccable taste leaves you in a cold sweat. Just when you think you’re going to have to re-gift her the (obviously amazing) gift she gave you last year, you happen to find us.

So, deep breaths, now—there’s no need to stress. We’ve enlisted our friends at the LA-based luxury (that’s right!) interior design firm Avenue to break it down and source some showstopping (and high-design-friend-impressing) gifts that will gain you serious cred...while going easy on the wallet.

Flamingos and zebras and urchins, oh my! Keep reading for Avenue's must-have gift picks...

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Dec 03, 2012 - 11:23 PM